Preventative + Restorative Skin Maintenance

For the past seven years, DMK MD has been perfecting a series of formulations that will revolutionize skincare forever. Prepare to harness skin health using the power of stem cells and enzymes. 

STEMZYME® is the ultimate long-term skin maintenance treatment that reduces the effects of impaired stem cell function. Effects include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, discoloration, uneven texture, dullness, sallow complexions, enlarged pores, dry skin, and hyper-reactive skin.

Turn back time with STEMZYME®

DMK’s most advanced treatment, StemZyme®, is a 50-day treatment program that represents the most advanced age management solution in the world today.

Utilizing biomimetic methods and a rich array of bioactive botanical ingredients, this highly specific, targeted treatment program stimulates the activation of a person’s existing epidermal stem cells. Stem cells divide and differentiate into cells that are responsible for the repair, rejuvenation, and protection of human skin.

Our epidermal stem cell population declines by 10-15% per decade as we age. But StemZyme® intervenes to engage the existing stem cell population directly and actively stimulates the production of new adult epidermal stem cells, which in turn leads to a proliferation of all the cells we need for youthful, healthy skin.

The result is a flattening of the chronological aging curve, a prolonged upturn in cell replenishment and renewal, and the most powerful, long-lasting, and advanced age management technique today.

Unlike existing stem cell therapies, StemZyme® is the first offering that is entirely non-invasive. Like all DMK treatments, it harnesses the power of the body’s biochemistry to deliver profound results.

Treatment Process

What to expect
The StemZyme® program is a highly-specific 50-day protocol, combining 5 professional DMK treatments and a carefully mapped Home Prescriptive regimen. StemZyme® works by applying a special mask to the skin that contains a blend of enzymes and stem cell extracts. These enzymes help to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin, while the stem cell extracts work to stimulate the body’s natural production of stem cells.

How many treatments are needed?
StemZyme® is a five-treatment, two-month program. There is a two-and-a-half-hour initial treatment with the famous DMK Enzyme Masque Therapy. Then there are four follow-up Enzyme Masque Therapy treatments spaced twelve days apart. You will also receive a 50 day Take Home Kit for at-home maintenance features a cleanser, sunscreen, serums.

This course of treatment is, at the most profound level, slowing the aging process by reversing the decline in regenerative stem cells and boosting their number – a first in skincare. StemZyme® Therapy also prevents inflammation, reduces oxidant radical damage, strengthens immunity, and improves blood supply to the skin. After the course of treatment, you can expect the following visible results: your skin will be firmer, bouncier, more turgid, plumper, look younger, and have a more even tone.

Home Prescriptives for 50 days of at-home treatment maintenance.

Kit includes:

Embioment™ Cleanser
Designed with gentle cleansing agents derived from botanical sources and a natural preservative system, this cleanser will make the skin feel fresh, clean and vibrant.

Acts as a “guide” for newly activated stem cells, supporting mitosis and differentiation.

Directs stem cells to become keratinocytes with healthy pigmentation and distribution.

Prevents premature cell death, generates and strengthens basal cells, and renews the rhythm of cell turnover.

Prevents immunogenic shock, prevents cell mutation, and generates epidermal rete ridges.

Supports collagen production, nourishes stem cells, balances blood flow, improves somatosensation, reduces inflammation, and prevents oxidative damage.

Provides high sunburn protection, skin-firming peptides, and vitamin E.

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