This advanced revitalizing anti-aging neck treatment helps to quickly firm, tighten and brighten maturing skin in the neck and décolletage area. This smoothing serum designed for the delicate neck area delivers a combination of essential anti-aging, protective and soothing actives to help dramatically improve the appearance of age spots, creases and redness and helps firm and lift to enhance elasticity. Glowbiotics Neck-Cessity Anti-Aging Treatment Neck & Decolletage features an intensive cocktail of innovative age-fighting ingredients that restore firmness and elasticity to damaged and sagging skin. Idea lift peptides and retinols accelerate cell renewal as they promote collagen and elastin synthesis. Skin Tightener ST delivers an instant firming effect to minimize wrinkles and SymWhite complex diminishes hyperpigmentation.

  • Minimizes the appearance of chest creasing and wrinkles
  • Helps firm and tighten, improving skin elasticity
  • Safe for use in the delicate neck and chest areas