When most people think about probiotics, they think about yogurt, kefir, and even fermented foods. However, did you know that the latest trend in beauty and skincare is applying probiotic skin care products to your face? That’s right. It may sound a little out there, but the same healthy benefits that probiotic foods bring to your body are being harnessed in skincare and changing up the beauty game.

Your skin and body naturally are home to a number of bacteria. Most of these bacteria are good, but that constantly changing landscape of bacteria in the body is called a microbiome. New studies even suggest that bacteria may influence not only our bodies but our moods as well. The New Yorker even says that bacteria are a big deal and that the limits of bacteria may only have begun to be explored, while fashion magazines are commonly touting the benefits of probiotic drinks like kefir for glowing skin as well as weight loss.

The benefits of probiotics are now being harnessed in topical biotics. The skin is an elastic organ and home to tons of bacteria naturally. What if beauty care products took into consideration the bacteria on the skin, their defense systems, and work with them as opposed to against them to naturally improve skin’s texture, collagen, inflammation and overall appearance?

New probiotic strains are being recreated in labs to transform the next level of skincare. These stable products are backed by DNA testing and are created by fermenting live bacteria strains to produce Probiotic Derived Bioactives, secondary molecules that were clinically tested to make sure that they mimic live bacteria.

These bacteria stimulate immune response in the skin by connecting with receptors that help beauty on the cellular level. In studies, these bacteria have been able to stimulate protein production as well as genes in the skin that control hydration, collagen synthesis, barrier repair and anti-inflammatory properties. The result is skin that is less inflamed, more smoothed and toned, more hydrated and with less fine lines and redness. In other words, dramatically younger-looking skin!

Some brands are using scientific approaches to make their products probiotic, while others go the old-fashioned route of yogurt extract. However, doing it yourself by slathering yogurt on your face may not be as effective due to the bacteria being too large to pass into the skin; smaller molecules must be present in order for skin to get the full probiotic benefit. Be sure to do your research with any products you’re considering purchasing to make sure that you are getting the full probiotic effect!

This topic and beauty treatment may be trending, but the science behind it and the theory is working with elements that have been in play for a long time. In the end, the goal is the same. The best products will populate the skin with good bacteria to restore balance and glow. Some products also add extra ingredients such as hydrators to add to skin’s appearance. Probiotic beauty may be among the first in a growing trend of products to incorporate not only a more sophisticated approach to skin and appearance, but a more scientific one as well.

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