1307, 2016

What to Consider When Buying Sunscreen

Summer fun is hard to turn down, but what happens when you’re out in the sun too long? When the sun is out and the days are long, consider putting on sunscreen before you even go outside. Control the aging process and cut back on skin related conditions like skin [...]

2405, 2016

New Probiotic Science & What It Means For Your Skincare

When most people think about probiotics, they think about yogurt, kefir, and even fermented foods. However, did you know that the latest trend in beauty and skincare is applying probiotic skin care products to your face? That’s right. It may sound a little out there, but the same healthy benefits [...]

2704, 2016

9 Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

When it comes to makeup, most people don’t really think to take a closer look at what ingredients their beauty products are composed of. Out of all the healthy beauty tips, the number one would be to avoid products that are loaded with chemicals that can have serious consequences. The [...]

904, 2015

Cyndi Allcott: Skin Care Past & Present

When I began my career back in 1990, medical-grade skin care was a new concept and we were only able to offer just a few office treatments and services, like Retin-A, glycolic peels, DermaPlaning, and dry ice treatments. Many of today’s most in-demand treatments, like MicroDermabrasion and lasers, didn’t even [...]

1406, 2014

5 Reasons Your Skin is Misbehaving

Tired of having terrible skin but don’t know what to do about it? We’ve created a list of the top five healthy skin tips to keep your skin from misbehaving. Once you know the problem, you can start fixing it! 1. An imbalanced diet with more junk food than healthy [...]

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